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On Human Dignity in the Theater World

What if -- and I'm just spitballing here -- we all got together and agreed to add a little dignity to that rickety old hamster wheel of theater? How about not messaging actors at the last minute with sides for TOMORROW? How about messaging a playwright to say, yes, we got your submission that you worked so hard on and ::thank you::? How about an end to the year-long wait to hear back about opportunies? How about eliminating submission fees? How about picking up the phone? How about a more useful page (or any page at all) on your website explaining your process and how affiate artists (designers, actors, writers, directors, dramaturgs) can help you help them? How about a lot of things? We have the technology. And this has nothing to do with money. We can insist on better treatment of our people. The stuff I'm talking about is just a little consideration, plain and simple. An eye for the details. An understanding of what the impact of poor communication does to artists who are often helpless to complain on their own behalf for fear of retaliation.

If you're in an admin or leadership role at a theater or agency, look around your office; re-examine your workflows and checklists; organize your in-boxes, your distribution lists; spruce up your web pages; learn a new software; rethink your communication policies. Maybe there's one small thing you can do to make the world a little more humane for the rest of us. Thank you for listening. #amorehumanetheaterworld

by Emily Dendenger and Jess Hutchison for Howlround

by M. M. Kagan for Howlround

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