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by Audrey Cefaly

Benny (M)

A young soldier attempts to record a video for his brother back home.

Listen, I don’t know what happened with the Facetime but I gotta get this to you, man, they gon cut us off in a minute. They told us to travel light, but this here is some heavy-ass shit, these bitches ain’t playin, bruh... 


Fraid I’m ‘on blow up, fuck up, get shot, get my dick blowed off, how in the entire fuck did you deal with this, brother? I can’t even believe you want back. Whaaat!? Second tour, shoot, Renata’s gon leave-yo-ass, or kill you these motherfuckers don’t. 

(The sound of gunfire.)

(Terrified) Listen, bruh... I’m ‘on keep it real here for a minute. You ‘member that time I shit myself in third grade – I can’t even believe I’m – 

(Emotional now) Fuck it, lemme say it! You ‘member you pull up at school and got me home and cleaned me up and shit ‘fore pop got home? Cried like a motherfucker, I ain’t never been so scared. But ‘member you tol’ me it ain’t matter? You said it was ok to be scared, sound just like pop, you said a man who knows fear, knows his-self. 


I ain’t ever forget that, bruh. 

(Trying to lighten the mood…)

Is it snowing up in Brooklyn… down in Brooklyn... whereverthefuck Brooklyn? I love you so much.  

(Falling apart) I ain’t ever gon see my lil man. He ain’t even know my face. Just do me a solid, bruh, if I don’t make it back. Check on Boo and take my truck, my Jordans, hell, take all my shit, bruh, take all my shit. 

(Dissolving into nothing... he closes his eyes and rocks softly)  
I love you. I love you, man.

Copyright 2024 Audrey Cefaly

YoYo (F)

A security guard calls home at bath time.

(Upbeat CAR RADIO MUSIC is heard. Lights shift to YOYO, a local security officer, sitting alone in her patrol golf cart listening to the radio, eating M&M’s, and hiding from the world. YOYO’s cell phone rings. SHE lowers the volume on the stereo and answers. )

AJ, why you callin? Hold up, who’s drownin? You do not sound like a drownin’ child, I asked big brother to give you a bath, you need a bath. Put ya brother on. Put him on, go find ya pajamas. No, Imma see you in the mornin, ask Mimi. Ask aunt Mimi, lemme talk to ya brother. Let. Me talk. To him! 


(DuJuan, AJ’s older brother,  picks up the line. YOYO takes a much stronger tone with the older child. )


DuJuan! Why you trynna drown your lil brother?! I have not got time for this drama! 


(Words tumbling.) Well, welcome to the real world, things will be required of you, boy, why you do this to me, go deal with him, where’s Mimi, why are you callin me when you know I’m at work? 

SUPPLIES?! What school project?! Tomorrow, boy I know you fuckin lyin! You are lyin! Well, I can’t do nothin, I’m here til 4 in the mornin. I love you too and love ain’t got nothin to do with it, I can’t do nothing about no poster board, can I? 


No… no… no… no, you are learning consequences and this is what that feels like. No, we are not goin to no dollar store for poster board, they are closed, they don’t stay open all night for little bad kids. That’s ok. I’m fine. I’m fine with it, you tell Mr. Wilson you are learning consequences.  (Repeating) Con-se-quen-ces. You don’t know that word? Consequences, F around and find out? Oh, so you do know it. 


(Over it. Shutting it down. )Gotta go, bye. I’m hanging up. Hanging up. HANGING UP!


(YOYO hangs up. SHE eats a few more M&Ms and turns the music back up to full blast. )



Copyright 2024 Audrey Cefaly

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