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the garment

(or death of a big black dress)

by Audrey Cefaly

An allegorical tale for the #MeToo movement.

BLUE: an artist, 50s-70s
VELL: a seamstress, 50s-70s
LORRAINE: an apprentice, mid-30s


RUN TIME: 80 minutes

Present day. A large, colorful artist’s studio. The light streaming in from a transom window changes tone and intensity as the scene moves along. The focal point is a Garment--a work nearly finished--sitting atop a large workbench: a dress form displays a voluminous vintage mourning dress that has been dyed to a black-purple (aubergine); it is presently half-adorned with fluffy red pom-poms. 



An allegorical tale for the #MeToo movement. This character-driven, all-female (3F) surrealist drama centers on the longtime partnership of renowned and controversial artist, Blue Godrey, and her seamstress and better half, Vell. On this day in Blue's studio, last-minute preparations are underway for a big art exhibit at Tate Modern but there is disagreement over the focal piece, a large black mourning dress. Everyone is being quite civil until a woodpecker flies into the studio, sending Vell into a bottle of gin and Blue completely off the rails, pecking away at Lorraine, the new apprentice. The play examines the intersectionality of art as a sociopolitical construct and the traditionally-complicit pathways many traverse to maintain the status quo for the promise of success.

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