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Things That Aren't Snow

Things that aren't snow: steak cheese puffs bubble baths hanging in there all the time in the world naps puppies long nights pajamas tell me where it hurts paperback novels phone calls your crazy good heart <3 blank pages clean slates I've never been more certain caller ID good timing craft beer chances that play you saw last night baby elephant memes carbonated beverages singing singing in the shower singing off key not singing oh, you're gonna get it lazy days lists ;) wasting time easy tasks college ball friendly wagers chill Pandora playlists guacamole the sound of your laughter really hot coffee salted chocolate molasses chews Netflix this moment someone else's take on it glasses half full mom's recipe having enough having it all Nerf guns smart phones dumb jokes clean sheets dirty hands new obsessions old standbys Fridays online shopping the way you look in those jeans bubble wrap where did you find it?! socks giving back little known facts white noise telling the story pie come a little closer something to show for it hide and seek body heat quiet time taking ownership loose change classic movies hidden stashes pursuit warm laundry is this legal? learning how to love you Chinese takeout pizza delivery I get it now snuggling back scratchers words in the right order silence drive-by emails tell me something good because I care closed doors open hearts slower... big questions good answers remote control closure hugs extended hugs things that make sense losing track of time heart shaped boxes sneezes your hand on my back your hand in my hand your hand right there... I'll be right over whiskey "tragic" situations daydreams patience candlelight aha! balance can I get you anything? logs on the fire milking the bit hot meals in slow cookers big comfy chairs all the things podcasts meditation medication things you'd forgotten and never meant to peppermint tea blanket forts Lego sculptures hard candy grilled cheeses finally! don't stop worship new love old love good love your love home auto replay beautiful messes coloring books eyes wide open board games eye contact resolve making it better no expectations glossy magazines I'm glad you asked reading light unsubscribing hey, you remembering things wanting it living a little how did you know? moleskine sketch books with coptic binding the greater good fat bellies dance with me valiant efforts handwritten letters you smell good forgetting it mulled wine watercolor pencils BFFs your own bed or someone else's binge watching I'm sorry a sight for sore eyes bacon exhaling you go first heroes something completely different look what I made you new toys soup nope clever people goodbye! hello... Skittles finding something in the place where you left it not giving a DAMN I'm so glad you're here the Sunday crossword kisses that last for an hour friends that check in getting one over on your kids I love you and words that don't end in 'pocalypse Can we talk about something else now?

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