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Walter: The Crying

Walter was a man of science. He knew how to repair space modules and calculate the speeds of solar winds. But terrestrial conundrums were alien to him. Still, he believed that if he could learn the reasons for crying he might eventually find a moment of actual peace. But today was not that day. She scowled at him in the mirror with her senile hair and resisted all attempts by him to subdue it with comb or brush or other implement of torture. She said I hate you. She said you don't do it right, what are you doing. She said where's mom. She said she said she said she said. She stomped away, leaving him faced with himself in the powder room mirror, which was only a fraction larger than the ones on the new telescope, except this one was dusty and everyone knows there's no dust in space. He heard the front door slam. Then quiet. And then a most extraordinary idea. That one day a woman would see him. And not cry. Or maybe only at happy things like babies and puppies. And that she would stay. The staying part was key, he thought. #thestoryofwalter 0101

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