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"Tell Me Something Good is an evening of disparate characters entangled in high stakes moments of self doubt -- some trivial, most life threatening, some bordering on life ending. Cefaly has an intimate understanding of human suffering and examines the ache of life in these tender stories with the most ordinary of characters."
- Jack Cannon, Professor of Theatre, University of Alabama at Birmingham



The play has been compared to the likes of Almost Maine for its deep, intimate character work and large cast size. It is perfect for high schools and colleges. 

What does it mean to be truly "seen" by another? Many of us wander around this big, scary world emotionally and spiritually depleted. We convince ourselves that we've run out of chances, that we'll never get it back (whatever "it" is), that we are too weird, too broken, or utterly invisible. We convince ourselves that we are unlovable, undesirable, or destined to be alone. This is a big myth, of course, the debunking of which is at the root of every love story ever told. That is why human connection is so vital. To be "seen" by another—truly seen—affirms that we are here, we are alive, we exist.

TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD attempts to explore and consider all the ways that we get lost in the world. It is a collection of intertwining, pathos-rich character studies in the form of duets and monologues, all traversing the landscape of the human condition—love, desire, ache, longing, disillusionment, loneliness—and the power of human connection.  Every character is experiencing something of an existential tipping point. A beautiful, meaningful piece of theatre that will leave its audience touched and then moved by its sublime reach.


Cefaly is known for her character-driven narratives. Read about her much-loved collection LOVE IS A BLUE TICK HOUND, another large-cast play.  


  • large flexible cast size

  • modular scene flow and design

  • deep character work

  • LGBTQ representation 

  • at least two roles specifically for people of color

  • opportunity to collaborate directly with the playwright

  • uniquely suited to the complex needs of schools and colleges

CAST OF CHARACTERS (8-24) flex-casting

Greetings teachers and directors of college and high school theater!


The play is designed in a modular fashion to allow flexibility in cast size while giving each actor at least one scene or standalone monologue along with opps for doubling. I invite requests to trim and edit the script for the unique needs of your production, just send me a note via my contact page with your proposed edits. 


  • A minimum cast size of 8 is recommended

  • The duets have great roles for 8-12 (some are optional, see below)

  • the monologues are optional


DUETS  (required)
WALTER & ANNA - a shy single father and his young daughter

LINA & ROBERTO - a waitress and a dishwasher

GARRISON & NATE - a lobbyist and an editor
MAX & TESSA - a writer and a stage manager

(may be done by "doubling" with other roles)
NARRATOR - this role should be divided up among the actors 

CHRISSY - a grocery store cashier; a kind woman

MEGAN JONES - Walter's manager

LOLA - Walter's sister

JACK - a young house manager

MINOR ROLES  (required)
(should be done by "doubling" with larger roles)
NED - a clerk at the DMV

ADULT ANNA - Walter's daughter

THERAPIST - Walter's therapist

CARL - Walter's neighbor
LARA - a girl from Walter's childhood

MISS TIPTON - Walter's elementary school teacher

ZEPHYR - a little boy at the DMV

A WOMAN at the DMV



MICHAEL & ARIEL - an "invisible" man and a "hugger"
BOB & MAGGIE - 2 divorcees 

SUE - a nurse
BETTY - a newly single woman

MISS V - a teacher


GERALD - a queer man looking to adopt a child
LA-MARCUS - a young black soldier writes home to his brother

RICKY - a high school senior making a sexual assault complaint

plus many more...

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