Love is...

March 12, 2016

Love is a black truck waiting, heels on the dash, on your running board. Love is a drive South, speeding. Love is a white shirt collar, yanked from behind or a shiftless sloth, eyes bright for pulling you out of yourself and into THIS MOMENT. Love is an undertaker. Love is an interred secret, love is a bound kept promise and the slick stare of collusion from the grave digger’s cat. Love is an old blue tick hound -- love is all his boon relations, at your feet and in your bed. Love is a cool dry morning. Love is the I don't care. Love is a new flag flying. Love is a muse and what they "see." Love is a fist, rigged and able. Love is an outstretched wing, Love is a big fat hand HARD SMACK on your big fat something. Love is the ground you walk on. Love is the air you breathe. Love is the night you held me. Love is the day you left. Love is the life we planned on. Love is a WIDE OPEN gate. Love is the bright moon calling, wanting to know when you'll be home. Love is a corn dog supper -- with mustard and slushies and you. Love is the let’s go walking. Love is the heartache, love is the calm. Love is a pub and a pint and a phone call. Love is the joy. Love is the fall. Love is a life there waiting. Love is the “won’t you trust?” Love is the NOW-not-later. Love is the me, and the "me" with you: 

Love is the "let me see you?" Love is the "I don't know...." 

Love is the LET ME SEE YOU, let me SEE you, let me see you, let me see you, let me see you, let me see you, let me see you, let me see…

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